NBSolar USA, Inc. is a distributor within the United States of products carrying the NBSolar brand, manufactured by Sun Earth Solar Power Co., Ltd., of Ningbo, China.

Outside of the United States, Sun Earth Solar Power Co., Ltd. sells products under the brand Sun-Earth. All sales in the United States, however, use only the NBSolar brand.

Long History

With rich experience of photovoltaic technology, Nbsolar has become one of the global leaders in the production of mono and poly-crystalline PV modules.
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Vertical Integration

By manufacturing original polysilicon,ingots,wafers,
cells and modules,we saaure our customers the best quality in the production process.
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Outstanding Projects

California - USA
Total capacity:400KW
Completed time:2010-02
Total Capacity: 400KW
(CBS Solar Power plant)
Completed Time: 2010
Location: California, USA
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