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Nbsolar’s greatest advantage is our vertically integrated photovoltaic process. We are able to assure superior quality along every step of production, from polycrystalline silicon materials to ingot, then silicon wafers, through to solar cells and panels. Using advanced solar power manufacturing technology, we reduce the costs of producing solar cells. This not only ensures low energy consumption throughout the whole production chain, but also achieves higher quality, safety and steady production.

We adopt the most advanced equipment in the world on the production of polycrystalline silicon materials, silicon wafers, solar cells and solar panels. Nbsolar was the first to adopt automatic solar cell welding machines to substitute the traditional handwork of thousands of workers. This is much different than our competitors in the China domestic market who do not have the same capabilities. Also, we are using automatic encapsulation lines with EL automatic checking instrument to replace the assembly handwork, which reliably ensures the quality and quantity of the products.

  TDB125×125-36-P MONO 85W/ 90W/ 95W
  TDB125×125-72-P MONO 180W/ 185W/ 190W/195W
  TDB156×156-72-P MONO 295W/ 300W/ 305W/ 310W
  TPB156x156-36-P POLY 135W/140W/145W
  TPB156x156-48-P POLY 185W/ 190W/ 195W
  TPB156x156-54-P POLY 205W/210W/215W/220W
  TPB156x156-60-P POLY 230W/ 235W/ 240W/245W
  TPB156x156-72-P POLY 280W/285W/290W
  TPB125×125-96-P POLY 230W/240W

  TDB62.5×125/4-36-P MONO 10W
  TDB62.5×125/7-36-P MONO 5W
  TDB125×125×2/3-36-P MONO 50W 55W 60W
  TDB125×125×2/36-P MONO 40W 50W
  TDB125×125/3-36-P MONO 25W 30W
  TDB125×125/4-36-P MONO 20W
  TDB125×125/5-36-P MONO 15W
  TPB78×156/3-36-P Poly 20W
  TPB78×156/4-36-P Poly 15W
  TPB78×156/6-36-P Poly 10W
  TPB156×156/2-36-P Poly 65W 70W
  TPB156×156/3-36-P Poly 45W
  TPB156×156/4-36-P Poly 35W